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Long-Term Care Insurance

Hurting Your Financial Future: Ignore the Hidden Costs of Long Term Care at Your Own Risk

By Byron Udell | November 20, 2015

Here’s an alarming stat: according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 70% of individuals 65 or older will need long term care sooner or later. With numbers like that, EVERYONE is affected in some way. In the words of Rosalynn Carter, former First Lady, “There are only four kinds of people in…

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An Attractive Alternative to Traditional Long Term Care Insurance

By Byron Udell | November 16, 2015

It’s time to think about things you probably don’t want to think about: getting old, wearing diapers, and not being able to take care of ourselves. In other words, we need to discuss—and you need to consider—long term care insurance… and not just because November is Long term Care Awareness Month. Why?  Because according to USA…

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What You NEED to Know About Long Term Care: A Conversation with Rodney Brooks

By Byron Udell | October 23, 2015

By now I’m sure you know that I’m always happy to talk to media about the most important product mankind ever invented (life insurance).  Not only am I willing to give my expert opinion, I also make sure media know that I’m available when and where they want to chat. What absolutely kills me is…

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Long Term Care Insurance: To Buy or Not to Buy

By Byron Udell | November 25, 2014

In September, I wrote a post about long-term care (LTC) because I was sourced in a USA Today piece on the topic.  I barely scratched the surface, though. Now we’re in November, and it’s LTC Awareness Month.  But there’s a pretty good chance you’ll need long-term care EVERY MONTH when you get older (not just…

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Think You Need Long Term Care Insurance? Think Again.

By Byron Udell | September 30, 2014

At some point, most of us will need long term care insurance. As we age, the odds statistically grow. To find out more, read on. Unless you are really, really broke or really, really rich, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll need some sort of long term care (LTC).  If you’re extremely wealthy or dirt…

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Long Term Care Insurance Buying Tips for Women

By Byron Udell | May 12, 2014

Since women live longer than men, they need long term care insurance now more than ever. But how do you know if you’re getting the best rates? We have some tips that can help. Women live longer than men, a fact many life insurance companies had ignored, up until last year, when calculating premiums for…

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November is National Long Term Care Awareness Month

By Byron Udell | November 1, 2013

November is National Long Term Care Awareness Month (LTC) month.  If you’ve never considered LTC insurance, take some time now to go through the facts and consider these tips. LTC insurance is not as expensive as you might think.  Today, LTC providers are doing all they can to make LTC insurance affordable.  They’ve come up…

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