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Author: Selene Garcia

5 Retirement Tips that Don’t Include Wealth Management

Senior couple shares a video call with their friends how prepare meal

By Selene Garcia | August 11, 2020

Planning for retirement can be overwhelming. The preparation list is long and in many cases advises on financial health, but what’s not talked about is how to build your new life, how to maintain your emotional health, maneuvering government systems like social security and health insurance, and finally, taking advantage of senior discounts. This is…

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How COVID-19 Is, or Is Not, Impacting the Life Insurance Business and Your Ability to Obtain Coverage

Futuristic glowing low polygonal coronavirus cells banner on dark blue background.

By Selene Garcia | March 17, 2020

AccuQuote Press Release 3/17/2020 As part of the panic that has consumed the world surrounding the COVID pandemic, many consumers are asking whether insurance companies are doing anything different, or perhaps, postponing the ability of consumers to obtain life insurance, for general pandemic related reasons. When a worldwide event such as COVID-19 consumes the news,…

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My Real-Life Life Insurance Story

my real life story with life insurance

By Selene Garcia | December 16, 2019

Life insurance is one of those things you know is important, but you don’t want to pay for it. I mean really, only those left behind stand to gain from you kicking the bucket. It just doesn’t seem like a deal. Until someone close dies. Then there it is. The stark reality of death with…

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Your Sobriety and Life Insurance Coverage

Addiction Or Life Choice Arrows Concept

By Selene Garcia | November 15, 2019

Addiction ruins lives. Period. And the truth of the matter is, those who are strong enough to make it through to see the light at the end of the tunnel have a new lease on life. A renewed love of friends and family. And, a desire to protect everything that supports a sober life. But,…

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4 Tips for Life Insurance Shopping

brick wall with 4 painted on with life insurance shopping tips overlay

By Selene Garcia | July 31, 2019

Buying life insurance can be a seemingly insurmountable task. All the terminology to learn, all of the options to review and how to find the best deals – it’s a virtual nightmare and enough to send you packing up and saving the entire ordeal for another day. Truth be told shopping for life insurance isn’t…

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Holographic Wills. Are they Enough?

Last Will and Testament concept

By Selene Garcia | May 23, 2019

In the past few years we’ve heard many stories of legendary musicians such as Prince and Aretha Franklin who have passed with no official, legally binding Will and no estate planning,  but a massive estate left for the courts and family members to slice and dice based on what their idea of what is fair. …

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[VIDEO] 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Life Insurance Underwriting

number 5 painted on a plate bolted to a metal door

By Selene Garcia | January 30, 2019

Whether you’re in the midst of the underwriting process or simply considering purchasing a life insurance policy, there are 5 facts you should know about life insurance underwriting. But if you have only one take-away from this it’s, don’t lie. Be upfront and honest because the consequences can be severe – including your family being…

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[VIDEO] Universal Life Insurance. Plain & Simple.

picture of globe with Universal Life text over the image

By Selene Garcia | January 17, 2019

Universal life insurance is often one of the best options for those who need flexible amounts of life insurance at different periods of time. Plus you can build, and access, a cash value that can be used for anything you would have purchased with your own earned income! Universal life insurance protection is a lot of flexible…

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[VIDEO] Save Age May Help You Save on Life Insurance

happy birthday cake with unlit candles

By Selene Garcia | January 16, 2019

When most people talk about their age, they’re typically speaking about their actual age. You know, you’re 36 until the day of your 37th birthday – then you’re 37. Well, for purposes of pricing, term life insurance companies use one of two methods for calculating your age: Attained Age or Age Nearest. This terminology, Attained Age…

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Buying Life Insurance: Wait or Buy Now?

Female legs with 2 arrows and question mark, painted on the asphalt

By Selene Garcia | January 14, 2019

Understanding the best time to buy life insurance is sometimes half the battle! The question to wait or buy now is a common one. And, the truth is when buying life insurance, carriers consider your mortality when determining how much you will pay. Also remember, we don’t typically get healthier as we age, so it stands…

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