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True or False:  You can get life insurance WITHOUT taking a medical exam


Many people think otherwise, but the fact is you CAN get a No Medical Exam life insurance policy without having to take a health test.

Applying for a fully underwritten and traditional life insurance policy would require you to get checked by a medical professional. This health exam usually involves blood and urine tests, a confirmation of your weight, and measuring your height and blood pressure (sometimes an EKG).

Does a no exam life policy sound like the right coverage for you? Interested in learning more about this quick option that in some cases comes with guaranteed acceptance and approval? Call a licensed AccuQuote life agent today at 800-442-9899.

Key Features of No Medical Exam Life Insurance

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Sometimes an illness, occupation or lifestyle choice prevents you from being able to qualify for traditional life insurance coverage.


Maybe you just don't have the time to take the required life insurance medical exam.


You're simply not a fan of needles.


Buying No Medical Life Insurance

The process of purchasing No Medical Exam life insurance is very easy and quick:

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