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Welcome to AccuQuote's 24-hour life insurance news source. Before purchasing life insurance, it is important to be educated about the life insurance industry and all of its components.

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Here you will find life insurance articles pertaining to the life insurance industry and AccuQuote from some of the largest news publications in the country.

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Consumer Reports Five ways to get best life insurance rates
It's especially important to re-examine your life insurance needs to make sure your coverage is up-to-date. This report reviews five questions you need to ask and shows how to get the best value for your premium dollar.
Wall Street Journal Save on Fees From Insurer
Auto, life and homeowner's insurers typically give you the option of paying premiums monthly for a small fee.
USA Today Insure yourself: It's cheap now.
Term life insurance - the simplest and cheapest type of policy that pays a stated amount when the insured person dies - has never been cheaper, but it may not stay that way.
ABC News Good Question. How much is life insurance?
When Do You Need Life Insurance, and How Should You Calculate How Much?
CNBC Got enough life insurance? Get more!
Since Sept. 11, a lot of people have been reconsidering whether they have enough life insurance. Good idea. Premium rates are down, and you're probably underinsured
Kiplingers 2009 Best List: Insurance
Best Insurance Sites. They've got you covered
US News Getting a Payback.
Return-of-premium term life insurance policies reward you for staying alive.
Entrepreneur The New Life Insurance Alternative
ROP life insurance refunds your premiums.
MSN Money Job at risk? Save your insurance
If your job is even slightly shaky, now's the time to schedule a medical checkup, get your teeth fixed and look into coverage alternatives.
Wall Street Journal A Matter of Lifestyle.
Term Policies, Long a Bargain, Rise Under New Regulations; Redefining 'Preferred' Status
Kiplingers Pay Less for Health and Insurance Costs
New life insurance policies offer refunds.
Entrepreneur Live Long and Prosper!
New life insurance policies offer refunds