Educational Life Insurance Materials from the LIFE Foundation

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AccuQuote is a proud supporter of the Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education (LIFE) and its commitment to making sure consumers like you have the knowledge needed to make informed insurance-buying decisions. The LIFE Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping consumers make smart insurance decisions to safeguard their families' financial futures.

The following information, provided by the LIFE Foundation, is designed to give you an understanding of life insurance and its role within a sound financial plan, and answer many of your questions.



Chris Noth's Real Life Story Video
Chris Noth's
real life story.
Preserve the Wonders of Life Video Preserve the wonders of life. You do it for Love Video You do it for love.
The Things We do for Love Video The things we do
for love.
Cupd Talks to People about Life Insurance Video Cupid talks to people
about life insurance.
Excuses, Excuses Video Excuses, excuses.
Insure Your Love Video Insure your love. A Legacy of Love Video A Legacy of Love    



Life Happens Flyer PDF Life happens. What You Need to Know About Life Insurance PDF What you need to know about
life insurance.
7 Wonders of Life Insurance PDF 7 wonders of life insurance.
Leave an Enduring Legacy of Love with Life Insurance PDF Leave an enduring legacy of love with life insurance. Commit a Selfless Act of Lovee with a Life Insurance Purchase PDF Commit a selfless act of love with a
life insurance purchase.
Life Insurance: You do it for Love PDF Life insurance:
you do it for love.
Now More Than Ever PDF Life insurance:
now more than ever.
Preserve Life's Wonderous Moments PDF Preserve life's
wondrous moments
with life insurance.
Life Insurance Reality Check PDF Life insurance:
reality check.
Protecting Business #1 PDF Protecting Business #1 Protecting Business #2 PDF Protecting Business #2