Combo Life Insurance Policies - A Popular Choice

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By Byron Udell


Combo life insurance policies are becoming more popular every year.  There are some great benefits you can take advantage of with a combo life insurance policy, especially if you’re looking to combine it with long term care (LTC) coverage.  It’s worth considering and here’s why:

More affordable long term care coverage.  A life insurance policy with a long term care rider is the perfect solution for those who find stand-alone LTC polices too expensive.

More people can qualify.  Underwriting standards are a little more relaxed on a combo policy, which means more people with health conditions can qualify. You’ll need to do some comparison shopping as some insurers may put a limit on age.

Double coverage, one policy.  You get the best of both -- death benefits for your beneficiary and LTC (should you need it).  Terms and conditions apply so read the fine print carefully.

More control.  You can set a fixed amount or percentage of the policy for long term care, and leave the rest for death benefits.

You get coverage for life.  And of course, because it’s a whole life insurance policy, your policy will remain in effect until the policyholder dies, as long as premiums are paid.

Tax Benefit.  The cash value that builds up on your combo life insurance policyis entirely tax free and so are the death benefits your beneficiary will receive. 

Remember to check the financial stability of a company and the terms and exclusions listed in the policy--before you purchase. Why not ask for a free quote now to see how affordable a combo life insurance policy can actually be for you?  

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