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Having Fun with LIAM

by AccuQuote Staff

It’s the last day of September, which means Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) is almost over.

As you know by now, our commitment to protecting families is NEVER OVER.

Let’s have some last minute fun with LIAM!

First, a quick quiz:  Who is cooler, Liam Neeson or Liam Gallagher?

(Take a minute to think about it …)

Answer:  When Liam Gallagher and his brother were making music as Oasis, he was pretty cool.  But the band has been broken up since 2009, and Liam Neeson is a likable tough guy who has single-handedly made the “Taken” franchise relevant and appealing.

Bonus question:  What would Liam Neeson say about LIAM?

Answer:  I don’t know who you are.  I don’t know what you want.  If you are looking for life insurance coverage to secure your family’s financial future, I can tell you that it will probably cost less money than you think.  What I do know for sure is that I have a very particular set of skills, sills I have acquired over a very long career selling life insurance.  These skills make me an asset for people like you.  If you make the decision to do the right thing now, that’ll be the end of it.  Your family will be protected, you’ll sleep soundly, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with having life insurance.  But if you don’t, I will continue to reach out to you – because this stuff is THAT important.  I will find you, and I will insure you.

Make it easy on yourself and get a quote now.

As you may know, Anthony Anderson was this year's Life Insurance Awareness Month spokesperson. So here's your last question:  What is your favorite Anthony Anderson role?

  1. Andre ‘Dre’ Johnson/Drexler Johnson in ABC’s “Black-ish” (AccuQuote copywriter Donnie’s pick)
  2. Trooper Brown in “The Departed” (Double A gets serious here!)
  3. J.D. in “Barbershop” (AccuQuote PR Manager Danny’s choice)
  4. Jamaal in “Me, Myself & Irene” (he’s Jim Carrey’s kid – great character!)
  5. Other

By the way, you can follow Anthony on Twitter @anthonyanderson.

As we've said before, at AccuQuote, EVERY month is life insurance awareness month. We're going to keep fighting the good fight, and we'll be here when you need us.


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Life Insurance Awareness Month…or Stop Procrastinating Month?

by Byron Udell

Life insurance is something that’s important every day of every year.  In fact, I think it’s the MOST IMPORTANT product mankind ever invented. 

But if an organization like Life Happens wants to make September Life Insurance Awareness Month (around AccuQuote, we treat EVERY month like this!) to raise awareness—and awareness definitely needs to be raised—I’ll gladly play along.

With that in mind, check out this video:

Even though I’ll be preaching about life insurance next month (and the one after, and next year …), why not get your priorities in order and stop procrastinating NOW so your family doesn’t go another day without protection?

I’ve been doing this for a long time, so I know what some of the common excuses are:

  1. Life insurance costs too much – this simply isn’t true, and you can see for yourself by getting a free quote; fact is, most overestimate the cost of coverage in a big way (by 3-7 times)
  2. You’re already covered at work so there’s no need for life insurance – it is very likely that the coverage your employer offers is far less than what you need; plus, it’s not portable, meaning when you leave that job, your coverage doesn’t go with you
  3. No one is talking to you about life insurance – this may have been true … before you discovered this blog, me and AccuQuote!

So what are you waiting for?  Make Life Insurance Awareness Month the month you finally protect your loved ones and secure their financial future.  Call us TODAY at 1-800-442-9899 to get started!

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Three Troubling Stats About Life Insurance You Should Be Aware Of

by Byron Udell

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.  Even though I feel that EVERY month should be life insurance awareness month, I embrace every opportunity to bang the drum about the most important product mankind has ever created.

I will say, however, that Life Insurance Awareness Month usually brings with it some interesting and compelling stats.  Here are 3 that caught my eye (and concern me!) this year:

(These figures come from the 2015 Insurance Barometer study performed by Life Happens and LIMRA.)

Troubling Stat #1

Less than 3 out of 5 people (57%) own some kind of life insurance.  12% of Americans only have policies through their employers.  If those people ever leave that job, they may lose their coverage.

This is the lowest ownership rate this country has seen in 50 years! Last I checked, the mortality rate hadn’t changed (in other words, there’s still a 1 in 1 chance you’ll die!) …

Troubling Stat #2

If the primary wage earner died, 50% of American households would feel the financial impact within one year.  In total, 43% would feel the crunch in 6 months or less.  

Despite that fact, 56% of all Americans have absolutely no plans to buy life insurance in the next year.  Another 19% are only “slightly likely” to buy.

What’s the deal with that?

Even though most people seem to understand how important life insurance is, many of them continue to put other financial decisions ahead of protecting their families.  For example:

·         22% of people rank day-to-day recreational activities as a priority ahead of buying life insurance

·         49% admit that expenses such as internet, cable and cell phone bills are a higher priority for them than life insurance

My question is, what could be more important than protecting your family?

Troubling Stat #3

Most consumers have no idea how much life insurance costs: 80% of the people surveyed overestimated how much they’d have to spend by a significant amount.

One of the major reasons people don’t buy life insurance is because they think it’s going to cost too much.  But it’s actually much more affordable than most people realize.

When asked how much they thought a healthy 30-year old would pay for a 20-year, $250,000 level-term policy, they guessed $400 per year.  About 1 in 4 guessed it would cost at least $1,000 per year!  In reality, the cost would be about $160 per year. 

What Are YOU Going to Do?

If anyone depends on you financially, you probably need life insurance.

If you’ve worried that it will cost you too much to get the right amount of coverage, now is a perfect time to find out exactly how much you’ll have to pay.  There’s an 80% chance it costs a lot less than you think!

It won’t cost you a penny to find out how affordable life insurance can be for you. Click here to get a free quote. Or if you’d rather talk to a live person, call us today at 800-442-9899. 


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Life Insurance Benefits You May Not Know About

by Byron Udell


Did you know that there are life insurance benefits you may be able to take advantage of without dying?

It’s true!

Life insurance is an amazing product, and a feature known as the Accelerated Death Benefit can make it even more valuable than most people realize.

The concept behind the Accelerated Death Benefit is simple: under certain circumstances, your life insurance company can give you a cash advance against your death benefit.  You can use the money to cover medical bills, pay for a family vacation or otherwise make the most of the time you have left.

Some life insurance policies include an Accelerated Death benefit rider automatically.  On others, it’s an optional add-on feature (called a rider) you may have to pay extra for.  Every insurance company does things differently.

“I’ll never forget that phone call from his wife…”

The Accelerated Death Benefit can provide tremendous relief during a very difficult time. 

In the video below, Howard Weissman, one of the experienced professionals here at AccuQuote, shares a touching story that shows the how big an impact this benefit can have on a family.

An Accelerated Death Benefit Rider may provide Living Benefits if the Insured is diagnosed with a:

  1. Terminal Illness
  2. Chronic Illness
  3. Critical Illness

Terminal illness has been an Accelerated Death Benefit feature on both term and permanent  life insurance policies for many years, while Chronic and Critical Illness have been added primarily to permanent life insurance policies during the past few years.   Very few term life policies offer Chronic and Critical illness as Accelerated Death Benefit riders.  That will probably change in the coming years. 

Call us at 800-442-9899 to find out if your current coverage has an Accelerated Death Benefit feature.  We’ll review your policy for free!

Let’s discuss briefly these little-known features.

Terminal Illness

Terminally Ill means that the Insured has a medical condition, resulting from bodily injury or disease, or both, which is expected to result in death within 12 months of diagnosis (most insurance companies go by 12 months).   This is the most common accelerated death benefit feature available in life insurance policies nowadays, and has been around for many years.

The video above talks about a terminal illness scenario.

Chronic Illness

Chronically Ill means that the Insured is unable to perform, without substantial assistance from another person, at least two out of the six “Activities of Daily Living” (Eating, Bathing, Dressing, Toileting, Transferring, the ability to stand up, walk across the room and sit back down, or Continence, which is the ability to control bladder or bowel movements) or requires substantial supervision by another person due to Severe Cognitive Impairment.   This assistance is often referred to as long-term care – and it is EXPENSIVE.

About 70% of people over the age of 65 will need access to long-term care at some point. 

Critical Illness

Critically Ill generally means that the Insured has been diagnosed with one or more of the following health conditions (this definition can vary slightly among insurance companies):

  • heart attack
  • stroke
  • cancer
  • end stage renal failure
  • major organ transplant
  • amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • blindness
  • paralysis

The Accelerated Death Benefit can keep you from becoming a burden on your family when you begin having trouble taking care of yourself.  It may also protect you and/or your family from depleting your savings and going broke!

Call 800-442-9899 today to find out how you can take advantage of the living benefits of life insurance.  You can also get a free quote here.  You and your family will be glad you did.

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Kiplinger’s Trusts AccuQuote. Shouldn’t You?

By Byron Udell


I’ve always said you should buy your life insurance from the person or company that gives you the best advice. 

Obviously, I hope you choose to do business with us.

If you are a savvy consumer—and if you read this blog, you probably are—then you’re likely familiar with Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine.  Kiplinger’s is, simply put, a premier personal finance publication and its staff is full of experts.

So when it comes to matters of retirement, investing, saving, and insurance, people trust Kiplinger’s.

And Kiplinger’s trusts US!  The magazine often calls on me and AccuQuote for rate information, quotes, and an experienced opinion when writing about life insurance. 

In fact, in the current (August) issue, four pages (pages 40-43) are committed to life insurance, and AccuQuote is part of the coverage.  Read the THREE stories here, here and here.

If the personal finance experts use AccuQuote for guidance when it comes to life insurance, shouldn’t you?

Call us for a free quote at 800-442-9899, or just take a couple minutes and do it online

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