AccuQuote - Company Philosophy

To passionately deliver the best insurance value and personal service while conveying our heartfelt message about the importance of obtaining the proper amount of insurance coverage.

About AccuQuote


AccuQuote's philosophy is simple. We are committed to finding you the best possible value in term life insurance. To determine the best value, in addition to comparing the actual term life insurance rate, we look at the following:


Many of our competitors will simply "quote" the lowest term life insurance rate available in the marketplace based on your age, sex, and smoking status, without regard to these other important factors. Despite claims to the contrary, term life insurance is not a "commodity" product. There are significant differences in quality and product design. When making a buying decision, a detailed term life insurance comparison should be made.

Finding the lowest term life insurance rate is quick and easy. Finding the best value may take an additional few minutes. During this short time you spend with us, over the phone, we compare and evaluate hundreds of term life insurance products in ALL categories including price. We can answer your questions, help you understand which of these factors (in addition to price) are important, and then make meaningful recommendations for you to consider.

Let us help you sort out which term life insurance policy is best for you. Once you have all the facts, it will be easier to make an informed decision.